A Stall in the Hall

A Stall in the Hall You would think that anyone who has a job these days would be insanely happy. Instead, many current jobholders are simply insane. Unsatisfied with the pleasures of having a place to go every weekday from nine to five, however inhospitable, and a paycheck, however minuscule, these over-achievers are chomping at […]

How to Be Unhappy At Work

If you thought you were happy, I have an urgent newsflash for you. You’re not. I don’t care how much you love your job — you’re not happy. At least, you’re not happy enough, and that should make you very unhappy, indeed. Like you, I thought I was happy, but recently I received an email […]

Letterman’s Laws of Love

Question: What’s the absolutely best reason to work by yourself? Answer: You don’t have to worry about office romances. Or, to be brutally honest about it, you don’t have to worry about the other person in your tawdry workplace affair rejecting you, or worse, complaining about you to Human Resources. If the only person you […]

The Unemployed Gazillionaire

Excuse me, but have I told you lately how just brilliant, talented and remarkably good looking you are? I really mean it, too. I’m convinced that the people who read this column are only one self-help book away from Warren Buffet-type riches and Lindsay-Lohan-like fame. The self-help book that helped me reach this conclusion is […]


Come a little closer. I have a confession to make. At my age, in this age, you can’t admit that there is any aspect of technology you don’t understand or embrace. Not if you want to avoid becoming a permanent exhibit in the Museum of the Chronically Unemployed. So, here’s my confession — I don’t […]