Who Stole My Perks?

Brush the cobwebs from that Aeron Chair, young ‘un, and let an old man tell you about the good old days, when the economy was booming, and companies were hiring, and interest-only, sub-prime mortgages seemed like a really good idea. Yup, I’m talk way back in 2007. You probably won’t believe this, but back then, […]

Over 40 & You’re Tired

If we didn’t know it before the appearance of The Who in the Super Bowl half-time show, we know it now — people over 40 years old may be heard, but they certainly shouldn’t be seen. Really!  Even the most liberal, least ageist among us will long be haunted by the high-definition images of Roger […]


It isn’t often that I find a business book that I can whole-heartedly recommend. That’s because most business books are riddled with positive thinking about how success can be achieved if you think strategically and work hard. Hey, if you’re going to go to all that trouble, who needs a book? “Louder Than Words” by […]

A Facebook in the Crowd

Really, I don’t know what’s wrong with American business today. According to a newsflash that just crossed my desk, a highly qualified job candidate was turned down simply because he “friended” the executive-search consultant assigned to fill the position. Well, maybe it wasn’t quite so simple. To read from “Job Hunters, Beware,” by “The Wall […]

Sticking a Stint

Getting hired is easy. Stay hired takes work, especially when work is something you really don’t care to do.  This conundrum becomes even more problematical when you’ve been hired by an employer who is afraid of commitment. That’s right — we’re talking “temporary.” There is an explosive combination of opportunity and disappointment inherent in any […]